Rural Recreation Infrastructure Scheme

The Rural Recreation Scheme is a funding scheme to support development and necessary maintenance, enhancement or promotion of recreational infrastructure including the trail network throughout Ireland. Initiatives funded covered a broad spectrum, and range from Walking Trails to Greenways and featured a number of water based initiatives covering Blueways and Angling activities. In 2016 funding was made available for Greenways, Blueways and Equestrian Trails. The Scheme has resulted in the development and enhancement of nearly 40 trails.

Rural Recreation Officer (RRO)

The Department funds the employment of 12 Rural Recreation Officers through 12 Local Development Companies (LDCs) in counties Kilkenny, Donegal, Sligo, Roscommon, Laois, Kerry, Tipperary, Cork, Wicklow, Mayo and Clare, as well as the Galway Gaeltacht.

The Rural Recreation Officer acts as a contact person for walking tourists and will provide a wide range of support and advice. They also liaise regularly with landowners to ensure that good working relationships are maintained and any concerns are addressed.

The contact details for each RRO are available at this link:


This funding scheme is open to all groups, bodies and agencies that have an interest in the improvement of outdoor recreational infrastructure. In 2016 projects covered a wide geographical area, with all 26 counties receiving funding for development and/or maintenance works to date. Funding totalling €7.44 Million was made available to a total of 117 projects throughout Ireland. There is €6M in funding available for the 2017 round of this scheme.

Some picture taken on the Walkways/Blueways etc under the schemes below taken by the Rural Recreation Officers are attached.