Our main task is coordinating the cross-Government implementation of the Action Plan for Rural Development.  We also seek to communicate the aims and objectives of the Plan and work with the Ambassador for Rural Ireland to advocate these to our colleagues in the public sector, rural stakeholders and the public at large to try and build the widest possible coalition for the implementation of the Plan and the realisation of its objectives.

We are also tasked with delivering certain key actions in the plan, most notably developing a National Policy on Social Enterprise and preparing a rural-proofing model for Government and State Agency policies and operations.

Another key project which we are working on is progressing the Atlantic Economic Corridor proposal in conjunction with key stakeholders from the public and private sectors.

We will also develop an action plan for the Dormant Accounts Fund, a scheme for the disbursement of unclaimed funds from accounts in credit institutions in Ireland, and will oversee the disbursement of the Funds in conjunction with Pobal.

Atlantic Economic Corridor

In March 2017, the Department coordinated the establishment of the Atlantic Economic Corridor Taskforce.   

The AEC proposal is about maximising the potential of the region in terms of natural resources, tourism, infrastructure and human capital, to spur growth in the region and bring new investment to the cities and towns along the Atlantic seaboard.  The Taskforce will provide a platform for collaboration between stakeholders from the private sector, the public sector and the wider community, to identify how best an economic corridor can be created.