In order to better enable consumers and businesses to choose the network provider that meets their needs for where they live and work, the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) undertook the development of a national outdoor mobile coverage map, under the Work Programme of the Mobile Phone and Broadband Taskforce.

In February 2019, ComReg’s online outdoor mobile phone coverage map was published, allowing consumers to check ComReg’s calculation of operators’ mobile phone coverage and signal levels at locations throughout the country. The mobile coverage map can be found on the ComReg website at

The ComReg mobile coverage map helps consumers when making choices between operators based on predicted coverage availability in their area or chosen location.

The online tool allows consumers to search and zoom in to a particular area or address. It has been designed to use eircodes and/or local addresses for information on coverage at specific locations.  Users are able to zoom into their selected location down to 10 x 10 metres.

The ComReg mobile coverage map has been generated using data provided by the Mobile Network Operators: Eir, Three Ireland and Vodafone. ComReg has applied a propagation model to generate coverage predictions.  The outdoor mobile coverage map also includes data for the mobile virtual network operators MVNOs (service providers whose services are hosted by the main mobile network operators).  These MVNOs include 48, Lycamobile, Postmobile, Tesco Mobile and Virgin Media.

The map is set out in a colour-coded format – dark brown shows very good coverage through to beige which shows fringe coverage. The map shows signal strength for all Mobile Service Providers ranging from very good, good, fair, fringe and no coverage.  It also offers the ability to check 2G (Voice), 3G and 4G (data) coverage.

ComReg will update the map on a regular basis to reflect changes in predicted coverage as operators expand their networks. ComReg will also launch a mobile phone app for the coverage map in due course.

ComReg mobile phone coverage map