Fund will benefit people accessing cancer treatment and those with significant mobility issues

The Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring TD, today (Friday) announced details of the Mobility and Cancer Care Transport Measure, which is part of his department’s CLÁR Programme.

This new €1.5 million measure will support the purchase of vehicles by voluntary organisations in CLÁR areas that provide transport services to people for cancer treatment and for persons with significant mobility issues in order to enable them to access support. Minister Ring has allocated €1.5 million for this measure for 2018.

CLÁR provides funding for small scale capital projects in specified rural areas that have experienced significant levels of depopulation.

The fund aims to support voluntary organisations that provide:

  • transport to/from designated cancer treatment hospitals/centres under the National Cancer Care Programme or
  • transport for people with significant mobility issues to day care or other medical, therapeutic or respite services including, requiring specialised wheelchair accessible vehicles

The measure will support applications of up to €50,000 for a wheelchair accessible vehicle and €100,000 for a bus.

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