Realising our Rural Potential, the Government’s Action Plan for Rural Development, aims to unlock the enormous potential of Ireland’s rural communities to improve the lives of those living and working in rural areas.

Through a framework of supports at national and local level, the Action Plan takes a coordinated approach across Government to both the economic and social development of rural Ireland.  The Plan covers a three-year period and contains a series of time-bound actions which will be monitored and reported on regularly.

The key objectives are to:

– support sustainable and vibrant rural communities,

– support enterprise and employment;

– maximise our rural tourism and recreation potential;

– foster culture and creativity in rural communities; and

– improve rural infrastructure and connectivity.




Monitoring and Implementation:

The Plan contains over 270 time-bound actions with responsibility for each action assigned to a relevant Department and/or agency.  Implementation of the actions in this Plan will be monitored closely and reports will be submitted regularly to the Cabinet Committee on Regional and Rural Affairs, chaired by An Taoiseach.   Progress Reports are published every six months on the delivery of each action, as well as the addition of new actions in response to new challenges and opportunities.

Progress Reports are available at