LEADER supports both private enterprise and community groups in delivering projects aimed at improving the quality of life in rural areas and encouraging the diversification of economic activity in rural areas. Funding is delivered through Local Action Groups (LAGs) in line with the Local Development Strategies that are developed by each LAG in respect of the 28 sub-regional areas in Ireland. The LAG selects projects for funding based on the objectives outlined in each individual strategy. These objectives come within a range of defined themes that include enterprise development and job creation, the development of rural towns, social inclusion and the environment.

The total funding available under the LEADER 2014-2020 Programme is €250 million. €220 million has been allocated to each County and these maximum funding allocations are outlined in the Table below.

In addition, a further €30 million will be distributed nationally for:

– Co-operation projects involving two or more LAGs in Ireland or internationally – €10 million;

– Rural Economic Development Zones – budget of €5 million;

– Artisan food producers – €15 million

Further information including contact details for the Local Action Groups is available on the following websitehttps://drcd.gov.ie/about/rural/rural-development/leader/

LEADER County Allocations 2014-2020
County Programme Allocation
Rural Dublin              €6,370,438.43
Kildare                   €5,261,600.01
Meath                     €6,903,123.57
Wicklow                   €6,336,549.00
Carlow                    €6,416,803.43
Kilkenny                  €7,791,572.91
Wexford                   €9,840,140.56
Tipperary       €10,103,443.28
County Waterford          €7,522,796.18
County Cork    (split between 3 sub-regional areas)           €13,938,823.22
Kerry                     €10,219,868.29
Clare                     €8,920,224.65
County Limerick           €9,276,593.96
County Galway             €12,195,883.61
Mayo                      €11,121,431.88
Roscommon                 €8,852,659.22
Louth                     €6,101,862.01
Leitrim                   €5,998,474.74
Sligo                     €7,655,647.81
Cavan                     €8,522,285.84
Donegal                   €12,913,877.86
Monaghan                  €7,592,719.51
Laois                     €7,124,586.86
Longford                  €7,597,623.07
Offaly                    €8,036,763.90
Westmeath                 €7,384,206.22
Total €220,000,000