Our main task is coordinating the cross-Government implementation of the Action Plan for Rural Development.  We also seek to communicate the aims and objectives of the Plan and work with the Ambassador for Rural Ireland to advocate these to our colleagues in the public sector, rural stakeholders and the public at large to try and build the widest possible coalition for the implementation of the Plan and the realisation of its objectives.

We are also tasked with delivering certain key actions in the plan, most notably developing a National Policy on Social Enterprise and preparing a rural-proofing model for Government and State Agency policies and operations. 

A National Social Enterprise Policy for Ireland is currently being drafted. It will seek to provide a coherent policy framework to support the development of the social enterprise sector in Ireland over the next 5 years. To ensure engagement with all stakeholders, and that their views inform the policy, a public consultation on a draft policy will commence shortly. Following consideration of the responses to the public consultation, a final policy is planned for publication in early 2019